11 September 2011

Seasons, and what they mean to us

Having a vegetable garden has made me acutely aware of the seasons.  These days you can buy almost any vegetable or fruit at the supermarket all-year-around, which is nice.  But how are they grown, I wonder, when I can see that tomatoes don't thrive at all in our cold, wet winters for example?  Ok, so they must be grown in hothouses or imported from elsewhere.  And how does that affect us and our digestive systems?  We know that God gave us certain foods to eat at certain times of the year, because that's when our bodies need that particular vitamin or mineral.  They're also cheaper when they're in-season!

The seasons also affect what we do daily and sometimes how we feel too. 

Then there are seasons in our lives ...  as Solomon said:  "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1. To paraphrase: there are seasons for everything in life - to be born and to die, to plant and to harvest, to kill and to nurture, to destroy and to build, to be sad and to be happy, to declutter and to replace, to encourage and to avoid, to speak and to be silent, to love and to hate, war and peace.

The seasons play a big role in our daily lives, so they are my inspiration for this blog. 

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