12 September 2011

A season to clean

Funny how we feel the urge to really  clean the house in Spring, isn't it?  I'm sure it has something to do with the growing strength of sunlight each day as our part of the world slowly turns its face towards the sun once more.  We also seem to have more energy too.

Whatever the cause, the cleaning bug has bitten us!  The best tip I can give you is FLYLADY ...  http://www.flylady.net/pages/begin_babysteps.asp

Flylady works on your attitude, to turn what seems like a chore, into a blessing.  She'll teach you how to overcome perfectionism and to tackle big projects with 15 minute baby- steps.  She even makes it fun!

I subscribe to her daily emails, and these ideas stood out for me today:

"Self discipline is remembering what you really want."  That helps me focus on what I need to do, not necessarily what I want to do.

"Feeling overwhelmed is caused by procrastinating."  This is especially true when the Spring-cleaning bug has bitten, and you suddenly want to re-decorate the entire house, including tiles!  It's all the small things that I've left undone, that make me feel overwhelmed. 

Once you subscribe, FlyLady will send you exact details on how to get started.  So do yourself a favour and pay her site a visit.

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