20 September 2011

Winter, a season for...

A few years back, I jotted down a few thoughts about what the Seasons mean to me.  This is what I wrote about Winter:

inner reflections
rain boots
hot porridge
pumpkin pie and lemon curd
winter stockings
darkness at 6pm, light by 7am
doing morning chores in the dark
gale-force winds (and sleepless nights)
driving rain, and snow on the mountains
hot bubble baths
fleecy pyjamas and sheepskin slippers
oranges and marmalade
the smell of gas from the heater
soup and homemade bread
paw-paws for breakfast
fires and sun-downers (meaning bbq'd chicken wings) in the yard

What does Winter mean to you, and make you do differently?


  1. What a beautiful Blog!!:)

    Winter in Johannesburg is almost as lovely - so here's my favorites:

    The mornings are bright and clear with crystal blue skies with an icy (but refreshing) wind.
    The sunsets leave the sky a brilliant lemon yellow mixed with all the blues you can think of
    We normally have smog preventing us from seeing anything in summer, but in winter the skies are a brilliant blue (us jo'burgers end up wearing sunglasses cause we aren't used to this amount of light - giggle)
    Toast with marmalade
    Roasts and stews
    Scarfs and pretty accessories
    Snuggling under thick blankets
    Reading lots of books about far away places
    Fluffy slippers and thick wolly gowns
    Constant peckishness
    Coffee and shortbread

    And my favorite about winter? Is knowing that my favorite day of the year is just around the corner - SPRING DAY!!! :)

    Lots of love!

  2. This blog is amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to invest in our live now and in the future.

    Winter to me usally means to me...

    Endless rain beating against my windowpain

    Hot chicken soup for supper

    Homemade bread smotherd with melting butter and decked with thick peices of Fiddlers cheese

    Knitting fluffy scarves

    Baking cookies in a warm and cozy kitchen

    Painting whilst watching the rain

    My Birthday :)

    Playing 30 Seconds with my competitive brothers at the fireside

    Curling up in bed with a hotwater bottle and a good book

    Love you Mom!