29 November 2011

A time to ... get organised

December and January are probably the busiest and most stressful times of the year for most of us.  With all the holidays there's just so much to think about and plan for.  I have 2 very helpful resources to help you get  through the months ahead.

I've already told you how wonderful Flylady is, and if you  haven't already visited her site, perhaps this free download The Holiday Control Journal will get you there this time.  It's a booklet where you can write down all your holiday plans, gifts, celebration meals, etc.  If you are trying to stick to a budget for gifts this year, do try using this booklet to help you.

The other great site I want to share with you is called the Cozi Calendar.  This is so much more than an online calendar!  You can choose meals from a list of tried and tested favourites, add it to your calendar, and print out a shopping list (or have it sent to your mobile phone if you're in the US)!  You can schedule your entire family's appointments, colour code them, and Cozi will send them a reminder!  They will send you a copy of your weekly calendar to your email address too!

I'd love to hear your feedback when you've used either of the above tools! 


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