03 January 2012

A time for ... new year's resolutions?

I know, you've given up on those!  Why? Because they don't work, you say.  Instead of making new rules for yourself, why not formulate your own mission statement and watch your goals flow out from there?

One evening before Thanksgiving, Ruth and I worked on our mission statements, using the free download from Inspired to Action.  It's a workbook that you can print out and keep as your record.  We decided it would be fun to check it again next year this time.

Looking at my goals for 2012, I notice that many of them begin with the words "complete...", meaning that I have a lot of unfinished business left over from 2011 :-)  Instead of beating myself up for not finishing them, I'm being kind and giving myself another chance to work on completing them this year.  Even if I only add another 5000 words to the book I'm writing, it will be better than not having done anything, right?

Give it a try and let me know how it went by commenting below.