29 July 2012

Winter ... a time for hot drinks

What's your favourite hot drink?  I love tea, but just plain hot water with a slice of lemon is so refreshing too!  I find it difficult to drink my usual 2L of water a day during winter, but it's just as important to keep hydrated during winter as it is during summer.  I've found that adding a little hot water to my big glass of water seems to help it go down easier too.

Here are some suggestions for you to try:

Molasses tea: 1 tsp blackstrap molasses in a mug of hot water before bed makes me sleep better

Winter lemon tea: juice of half a lemon, 1 tsp honey a few mint leaves in a mug of hot water.

Lemon Balm tea:  add 6 fresh leaves to mug of boiling water, stand for 5 mins, strain and add honey to taste.

Colds/Flu tea: grate a piece of ginger (skin on) and add it to a flask of boiling water. Stand for 15 minutes and strain.  Add juice of 1 lemon, 1 or 2 tablespoons honey (or more to taste), pinch of cayenne pepper and a few drops of Echinacea (if you have).  Keep hot in flask next to bed and sip throughout the day.

Maybe you'd care to share your favourites here?

22 July 2012

Hesitating to write

I keep hesitating to blog because my camera packed up while we were away in April, but I can't use that excuse for ever can I?  So much has happened, let me try to record them here.

Brothers-in-law, Pieter and Jacob both passed away after illness
Husband's brother Joseph passed away last week
Nephew Gerald got married in Denmark and we were able to be there, by God's grace!
Uncle Joe turned 90
Organised family camp for 25 in Bainskloof (what a wet and cold weekend!)

Held many meetings to discuss organisation development of Woodwind Circle project and bi-monthly meetings with Committee of project
Scouts committee meetings every other month

Arranged job-shadowing for daughter Sarah to get work experience
Toured Bo-Kaap, ancient part of city with homeschool group
Mushroom hunting in forest
Date with daughter at Casa Labia overlooking the sea (beautiful 18th century Venetian museum, ate in a ballroom!)
Date with son David at Tribeca, new clothes, one happy teenager.

At home...
Made another batch of laundry liquid and found Borax in larger quantities available at Fargo Trading (wonderful shop for pulses, spices, etc!)
Being winter here, we made Marmalade and Lemon Cordial as well as my favourite Lemon Curd!
One batch of Citrus Cleaner made and next batch brewing on windowsill now (soak orange/lemon/naartjie peels in cheap white vinegar for 2 weeks, strain into spray bottle and use to clean counters/mirrors/windows ... lovely citrus smell)
Experimented making Lavender Hair rinse using dried lavender flowers soaked in white grape vinegar for 2 weeks. Vinegar turned a pretty pink colour.  Haven't used it yet.
Made first batch of plain soap using olive & coconut oils.  Busy curing for 6 weeks, so will be ready in September.
We had the solar geyser installed at last... meaning we are now relying entirely on the sun for hot water!  With all the rainy days recently, we've had to resort to cowboy washing using gas to heat a kettle of water at a time!

It's been a busy season for us all... and yours?  I'd love to read about it in the Comments section.

Until next time,