13 August 2012

Winter... a season for colds and flu!

What's the first thing you do when you feel a cold coming on?  Please share your secrets with us?  I usually head for vitamin C and whatever immune booster I can lay my hands on.

Prevention is better than cure, and is usually cheaper too!  So what can we do to prevent a cold from attacking in the first place?

When my children were small, I gave them a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil & Malt from Autumn until Springtime.  It seemed to provide a good protection against chest complaints.  You can get Cod Liver Oil in capsule form.  I would also take a viral immune booster daily.  Nowadays, there's you can get effective throat sprays for the type of cold that attacks there first.

Minimize DAIRY intake.  This culprit is the cause of too much mucus.  Switch to soya or rice milk.

EAT YOUR SALADS!  I know, when it's cold you don't feel like eating cold foods, but if you make it a family habit to start the meal with a small plate/bowl of raw salad before you serve the main dish, they'll eat it, believe me!

Drink enough water.  Again, most of us don't.  Think about it like this.  Just as your car needs oil to lubricate all it's parts and keep them in smooth running order, so your body needs water to do the same inside you!  By adding the juice of half a lemon, orange or grapefruit, you're getting the best combination of vitamin C and water.  As mentioned before, if you can't handle cold water in your mouth, add a little hot water to temper it.

Exercise!  Whether it's walking, biking, gym, pilates or whatever you prefer, don't stop doing it during winter-time! 

And if all your efforts fail?  Then hit the bed and get as much sleep and rest as you can.  Yes you can take a few days off from work until you recover!  Your health is more important!

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