15 September 2012

A Christmas Diary

I recently read about this great idea on another blog... her grandma used to write in it every Christmas, and update it with all the happenings of the family during the past year. 
She kept it up for many years and it became a favourite family tradition to read about the past each Christmas-time.  Now, as an adult, she keeps the diary going with stories of her own family.

How quickly the children grow up ... and equally, how quickly we forget all those funny, cute, adorable, crazy, silly things they do!  And all the events that take place in one year ... how will we remember them in years to come?  Years ago I used to keep track of my family in our photo album, which allowed a small space to add a caption to each picture.  Sadly, with the event of the digital camera, that tradition died.  My children still love to page through the old albums though, and reminisce with glee.

My dormant creative gene has been stirred from its hibernation...!  I'm already thinking of ways to combine a Thanksgiving Diary with a Scrapbook of selected digital photos. 

I hope this idea has stirred your imagination too!

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