02 January 2013

A time to remember... 2012

As I sadly close my 2012 Diary for the last time, I glance at highlights/lowlights of the year gone by (summarised by key points while on holiday).  Some of them have already been mentioned on this blog, so I won't bore you, but in a nutshell...

Sarah, Jette, Andy, Jakob, Ivan and Amy in Denmark
  • trip to Denmark
  • family camp in Bainskloof
  • rock fountain sold, koi fish stolen
  • 3 deaths in extended family
  • Uncle Joe turned 90, Aunty Annie turned 105
  • last year of homeschooling
  • Ivan's birthday breakfast at Greenpoint Park
  • Sarah turned 16 and became a fruitarian, volunteered at creche, spca, health connection
  • David accepted at Oude Molen, passed Grade 8 with B
  • my unexpected job offer and subsequent permanent appointment
  • Best of all... Ruth and Matthew gave us a surprise visit on Christmas Day and spent a week with us, before heading back to Johannesburg.
Hope Christmas and New Year were spent happily with your loved ones around you too!