28 July 2013

A time for ... springbok!

Cutting up springbok
On a rainy Saturday, 27 July 2013, Ivan and my nephew Hannes drove to a farm a few hundred kilometers away to fetch the springbok which we had ordered some months before.  They had been shot earlier that week, and then hung, ready for collection on Saturday.

My sister Celia and her son Hannes had done this the year before, and had given us a gift of some venison, which we enjoyed.  So when the time came to place an order, we decided to try it out.  It was the first time we (our family) had done anything like this, so it was all a new experience.

It was still raining steadily when they arrived at my sister's house with all 7 springbok in the van.  After weighing them all and choosing ours, Hannes then proceeded to show us how to cut it up into basic pieces.

Weighing the carcass

Sarah was quite keen to learn how to carve up the carcass, and she learnt quickly.  Celia and I had bags and labels ready for the pieces, which were heading straight for the freezer as soon as we got home.

Sarah learning to cut springbok

All together an interesting day! 

07 July 2013

A season for ... teeth!

Looks quite disgusting, doesn't it?  But I've learned a lot about the damage that amalgam (mercury + other metals) can do to us.  Every time we chew on an amalgam filling, a little of the toxic metal enters our system - it is slowly poisoning us, causing numerous symptoms. 

Another big issue is root canal - where the dentist actually removes the tooth pulp (the living, soft tissue in the middle of the tooth which contains the nerve and blood cells which feed the tooth - keeping it alive).  Then they stuff the hole with a chemical concoction and finally cap the tooth with a metal crown.  Underneath that cap, all mayhem may be breaking loose in terms of  bacterial growth and infection, but we don't know anything about it because we feel no pain (the nerve was removed and the tooth is dead!).  Research on the internet... the dangers of root canal, and be shocked out of complacency!

My research led me to find a biological dentist, who recently removed my 20+ year-old root-canal-treated tooth.  Black gunk came out from underneath the crown and it took almost a month for the area to heal, after taking various remedies and a detox.  The dentist explained that because this infection was seeping into my system for years, it could have caused cancer anywhere on the left meridian - where ironically I had to have a cyst surgically removed a few years ago!  I still have a swollen lymph gland on the left side, which I'm monitoring.

If you're interested in your health, strange as it may sound, perhaps your symptoms could be traced back to your teeth.