01 January 2014

A time to say goodbye... to 2013!

Our new home
So much has happened since my last blog, but I'll begin with the greatest news for 2013 for our family... we have bought a new house and moved in October 2013! 

It was sad to say goodbye to the old house, which had been in my husband's family for over 50 years, but it was time to move on, and God was nudging us to do so.  For those who are sentimental, here's a pic of my lovely old kitchen...


So, without much further ado, and before the memory fades, here's a summary of 2013:

  • David started high school in grade 9
  • Sarah turned 17, finished homeschool and passed her GED with flying colours
  • Ruth turned 30 and found her new love
  • Matt turned 28, resigned from his regular job, toured overseas and started a new life - he spent 3 weeks with us at the end of the year
  • Our dear friend David Scott passed away on 29 July
  • Another dear friend Geoff, turned 80
  • Dennis & Gaile finished up their time in Grahamstown, Gaile passed her final exams and was ordained on 8 December
  • Aunty Ginny turned 80
  • Sarah J's family from the USA and Denmark came to visit in February
  • Arranged internship for Tishaam with auditors - which became a full-time position
  • Connie went to Australia for 3 months
  • Finished bookkeeping for Amandla
  • Became Treasurer for Scouts
  • Birthday with Ruth and Matthew in Jhb, due to attending Project Management workshop (they bought me a new laptop as a gift!)
  • Easter weekend in Franschoek with Winston and family
  • Noah was born to Athol and Julia
  • Spent months looking for a new home and finally found it on 16 June!
  • Finally bought a chest freezer
  • Springbok Day - Dad and Hannes drove to farm to fetch the springbok (which was hunted that week), Sarah learnt how to cut it up, froze the lot - meat for a year :-)
  • Had last meeting with Woodwind Circle Garden Committee
  • Another dear friend Leeart, got married to the lovely Samantha on 21 September on the most beautiful estate in Stellenbosch
  • Had a 'Farewell' to the old house for the family to have a last look
  • Moved house on 4th October
  • Had a House-warming & Birthday Tea for Ivan in new house on 26th October, invited all the family and friends
  • Installed solar geyser, carports and en-suite bathroom in new house
  • Hannah was born to Gerald and Sarah
  • Took Jesse & Kirsty to see Hansel & Gretel at the Baxter Theatre
  • The White family from Denmark joined us for Christmas Day lunch, together with Gerald/Sarah, Connie and Pauline - it was one of the hottest days ever!  That afternoon they had a dedication for Hannah
  • Thanksgiving on 31st was a super evening with all our family (except Ruth) where we ate home-made burgers and made wish lists for the year ahead
There it is... until next time!
Mom xxx