05 January 2015

A time to ... catch up!

So much has happened since my last post in Jan 2014 that I don't quite know where to begin.  But begin I must!

After paging through my 2014 diary, I was reminded of these moments....

Connor was born to Lucy & Layton
David completed the Scouts PLTU leadership training course in April
Marlon graduated from CPUT in April
Did the 'Raw till 4' program for a while
Sarah joined the Eric Whittaker virtual choir for the opening of the Commonwealth Games
Sarah turned 18, and we hosted a special,vegan tea party for her 21 friends
Sarah and I on a date at 'Organic at Heart'

Jade and Raphael
Started the '100 days to health' program and facebook page with Sarah and began making it into a book
David's 16th birthday at 'Lucky Fish' and his indoor soccer party at Action Soccer studio
Sarah auditioned for the Cape Town Youth Choir in September, and started working part-time at Soil For Life as shop assistant
Jade and Raphael toured Thailand
Ivan started the Tramore Road Community Garden project (see facebook page)
One year anniversary of new house in October
Discovered Forks over Knives
Decided to try out eating a plant-based diet for the month of October, and both hubby and I felt so much better, that we decided to continue with it...
Raised funds (with work colleagues) for Bonga (a cleaner at work) to complete her school career
Finished knitting Ivan's jersey... too big!
Took a lovely trip to the country village of Napier for our anniversary weekend away, with a view to retiring there one day
Arrived home to find that our dogs had eaten all our chickens!
Pauline and friends on her last day in SA
Ivan's brother, Henry passed away on 3 November
Lovely breakfast at Buitenverwachting with Pauline and Matt
Ivan's brother-in-law, Norman passed away in December
Matt & I took a load of groceries to Aunty Mary in Steenberg
Helped Pauline to pack-down, bought her bookshelf and a few other furniture items
Pauline emigrated to the UK on 31 December
Thanksgiving was a Mexican theme, and everyone was given a small booklet in which to record their goals for the coming year (can't wait to read what I wrote :-)

Well that's it, in a nutshell.


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