31 December 2015

Remainder of 2015 ... events

My work colleagues and I travelled to head office in Jhb for a meeting
A rare moment ... all 6 of our kids together in one place!
And dearest hubby turned 60!
Jade and Raphael were engaged
The backyard garden received a revamp

Grandkids Kirsty and Jesse started cubs and Jesse started soccer at Tramway club.  I completed a short course in Training and Development management at UCT. Sarah attended a Youth Camp in Namibia.  Matt moved back to Cape Town in June and we treated him to a CTICC talk for his 30th birthday.  There was much electricity load-shedding during this year.  Jade and Raphael got engaged.

Hubby's 60th birthday was held at the scout hall.  Family provided potjies and brought desserts.  Carmy baked a beautiful 'garden' theme cake (can't find a pic right now). Gerald was the MC and my brother Peter arranged for a scottish bagpipe player to arrive and play amazing grace!  I made a slideshow of pics of his life set to the music of TEA singers.  Lucy made the crudites and fruit platters.  Sarah and Janine decorated the tables. Everyone helped so willingly and did it with love. Thank you!

I enjoyed watching The Truth about Cancer docu-series, and discovered One Yard Revolution.  

We finally finished our en-suite bathroom and at the very end of the work-year, I received notice that I had been promoted!

Thanksgiving was a picnic on a farm in Paarl.  It was so incredibly hot that day, that all we could do was lie in the shade of the trees.

That's some of the highlights from 2015.
Mom xx

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